Digitize ABA Lesson Delivery from Setup to Reinforcement

FirstWork makes learning on smart devices motivating and adaptive. The app can limit access to entertainment applications until users complete learning tasks. This creates a focused learning environment and makes it possible to earn time on fun apps as a reward for learning.


FirstWork makes it possible for you to totally control the digital learning environment. You can choose which apps are limited during learning lessons and also can control how much time learners can earn by completing lessons.


Every child is unique and has their own unique learning needs and preferences. That’s why FirstWork provides you with the tools you need to deeply customize learning experiences. With our innovative platform, you can tailor learning experiences to fit individual needs and interests, making learning fun and engaging.

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Measuring progress is key to success, and with FirstWork, you can track growth every step of the way. Our platform provides you with comprehensive data on your learning progress, allowing you to monitor their strengths and weaknesses, and adjust their learning experiences accordingly.

What learning activities does FirstWork support?

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