Jump into a whole new approach to learning on smart devices with FirstWork’s flexible pricing plans. We understand that each child’s learning path is unique, which is why our platform allows for tailored experiences that adapt to individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re starting with our no-cost option or investing in an individual or organizational plan, you’re gaining access to a realm of interactive learning activities and progress tracking designed to foster skill building. With FirstWork, you’re not just purchasing a service; you’re investing in an educational ally committed to your child’s academic and personal development.

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  • Limited Curriculum
  • Personal Use
  • Individual Support


  • Full Curriculum
  • Personal Use
  • Individual Support


  • Full Curriculum
  • Professional Use
  • Organizational Support

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Pricing FAQs:

What kind of support to do you provide (individual and organizational)?2023-10-30T15:49:43+00:00

FirstWork provides support for all of our users. We have detailed guides for anything you need to do inside the app and can meet with you if you have any issues via our customer support page.

What is premium curriculum?2023-10-30T15:50:29+00:00

FirstWork provides around 10% of our content for free, the other 90% is premium content. We want anyone to be able to try out this approach to learning before deciding if it is for them!

How do I select the correct access pass?2023-10-30T16:19:40+00:00
If you are a parent or are using FirstWork with learners independently you should use the ‘Base’ access pass. It provides full access to premium content! If you are a part of an organization that would like to use FirstWork reach out to us here so we can discuss creating an organizational access pass.
What payment methods do you accept?2023-10-30T16:45:21+00:00

FirstWork provides a wide range of payment methods:

  • For individuals, we support payment only through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • For organizations, we support payments through Stripe.

Please inquire here for more billing possibilities

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