Founded in 2022

We started FirstWork wanting to make digital learning a more viable option for learners, especially those with special learning needs. We believe that the digital environment can be a productive and motivating space if adults have more control over the experience. Kids love all of the fun experiences they can have on devices and are often happy to participate in well-structured digital lessons. By providing limits and rewards we believe FirstWork can bring kids to the table, establish better digital habits and expectations, and allow parents and professionals to reap the time and cost-saving benefits of digital learning.
Thaddeus and I were part of one of the first generations of kids to grow up with the technologies that are so common today. Some of our favorite childhood experiences revolved around the digital world, but, we also recognize that unfettered access to the digital world is not ideal for kids. Our hope is that FirstWork can provide an opportunity to balance the fun experiences kids have on devices with the important learning goals they can be working towards.
Child learning online

Meet Our Team

Patrick Faga
Patrick FagaCEO / Founder
Behavioral Neuroscience (BA)
Philosophy (BA)
University of San Diego

Behavioral & Decision Sciences (MS)
University of Pennsylvania

Thaddeus Steele
Thaddeus SteeleCTO / Founder
Computer Science (BS)
University of San Diego