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Getting Started on iOS

FirstWork is a learning app that enables kids to earn screen time by completing learning lessons. The approach provides strong motivation for learning to make screen time more productive. This guide walks through how to download, setup, and use the app.


0. Prepare device for FirstWork by ensuring iOS/iPadOS 172023-11-27T17:36:22+00:00
  1. Connect your device to WiFi.
  2. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.
  3. Check for iOS17 or iPadOS17 under “Also Available.”
  4. If available, select “Download and Install.”
1. Downloading FirstWork’s iOS Beta on TestFlight2023-11-27T17:37:56+00:00
  1. Download and open TestFlight.
  2. Redeem code “XYZ” or use this link.
  3. Accept’, ‘Install’, and ‘Open’ the app through TestFlight.
2. Granting Device Permission2023-11-27T17:39:34+00:00
  1. Select ‘Continue’ when the ‘”FirstWork” Would Like to Access Screen Time’ notification appears.
  2. Select ‘Allow with Face ID’, scan, and click ‘Done’ upon approval.
3. How to setup a FirstWork account2023-11-27T17:40:31+00:00
  1. Create a unique PIN different from your device’s PIN
  2. Confirm the PIN by re-entering it.
  3. Choose ‘Add Student’ to set up a new student profile.
  4. Input a name or nickname for the learner.
  5. Click the ‘Add Student’ button.
  6. Select the newly created student profile.
4. Restricting Applications2023-11-27T17:42:47+00:00

**Avoid selecting essential safety or communication apps.**

  1. Click ‘Edit’ to choose apps/categories to limit during lessons.
  2. Select at least one app to progress.
5. Customizing Settings2023-11-27T17:44:41+00:00
  1. Click the ‘Settings Gear’ icon on the top right of the dashboard.
  2. Select the instructor’s voice: Male or Female.
  3. Turn on/off the chime for correct answers.
  4. Click ‘Back’ or ‘Done’ to exit, as applicable.
6. How to Setup a learning Lesson2023-11-27T17:47:17+00:00
  1. Select ‘Create a One-Time Lesson’ on the dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Allow’ to enable notifications from “FirstWork” when prompted.
  3. Select the type of learning lesson.
  4. Set the number of goals (1-10).
  5. Customize lesson settings: 
    1. Session Span: This is the length of the entire learning experience, during this time access to fun apps has to be earned by completing the learning lessons you selected. After the time passes access to fun applications goes back to normal. 
    2. Field Size: Field size dictates how many answer options will be presented. More answer option makes for a more challenging question.
    3. Lesson Difficulty: This settings lets you chose how similar you want the answer options to be to eachother. The more similar answer options are the harder it is to find the correct answer.
    4. Lessons Per Session: This is the number of times screen-time will be interrupted and learning lessons are presented. 
    5. Questions Per Lesson: This is the number of questions a learner will have to answer in order to unlock more screen-time.
    6. Lesson Difficulty: Easy lessons make it very clear what the correct answer, medium lessons are standard difficulty, and hard lessons contain answer options that are similar to each other.
  6. Click ‘Launch Lesson’ to start.
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