Enable Proper Settings:

  1. Accept’, ‘Install’, and ‘Open’ the app through TestFlight.
  2. Select “Allow” when you see the “FirstWork would like to send you notifications” request
  3. Select “Next” when you see the “From the Developer” prompt
  4. Select “Start Testing” when you see the “Share Feedback” prompt
  5. Select “Continue” when prompted with the “Download Lesson Content” prompt
  6. Select Continue when prompted with the “FirstWork Would like to Access Screen Time”
  7. Select “Allow with Face ID” when prompted with “Allow Access to Screen Time”
  8. Select “Done” when prompted with “FirstWork Approved to Access Screen Time”
Launching First Session:
  1. Select ‘Create a One-Time Lesson’ on the dashboard.
  2. Select the type of learning lesson.
  3. Set the number of goals (1-10).
  4. Customize lesson settings: Session Span, Field Size, Difficulty, Lessons Per Session, Questions Per Lesson, and Reward Per Lesson.
  5. Click ‘Launch Lesson’ to start.